Income Reports

April – June 2020

I decided to start up my journey in April, so that I can register my self-employment to coincide with the normal tax year. I am still planning on keeping my day job, but to work on these other bits on the side when I can to improve my skills and hopefully earn something from it as well.

These first few months were just a brainstorming session and getting few bits together.

I purchased 10 domains and transferred one over – so I currently have 11 domains in total.

1 x Domain is this domain, so I will just be using it as a journey blog.

1 x Domain is ready for when I pass my Sports Massage Therapy course and begin to give treatments. The domain will likely sit idol for the time being, but I will work on creating a site ready for when I do pass. Due to Covid-19 we have had to stop the course part way through, and so it is likely not going to happen for a few more months now.

1 x Domain is Personal Finance Blog that I have been wanting to start for some years now. This is the site that I feel I will spend the most time on to begin with, and is a subject that I feel could write about and not get bored of.

1 x Domain is likely going to be Beachwear affiliate website. Again, the website is something I have wanted for a while but never pushed forward with it. I plan on creating a simple affiliate website and driving traffic towards.

1 x Domain is where I plan on listing a specific niche of competitions. I created a competition website in 2019, but it was pretty labour intensive, so I need to find a way I can update it quickly. For the time being I will just hold on to the domain as I quite like it.

3 x Domains are local targeted websites – I will likely park them for the time being and maybe see if anybody local is willing to purchase/ lease them off me.

3 x Domains are old expired domains. I purchased them on a whim, and in the grand scheme of things I wish I hadn’t. I will again likely park them or forward them to some form of affiliate offer for the time being. They do have some good back links to them, so I will look into how I can take advantage of them.

Overall spending for these 3 months is £121.34 with £0 income for a net loss of £121.34.

Obviously, this is still very early days and I didn’t actually get anything off the ground apart from purchasing the domains. I planned some of the sites and made a start on some of the content.

My plan for July is:

  • Get the Personal Finance Blog up and running – with a target of 31 articles posted by the end of July.
  • Get a very simple Beachwear affiliate site up – but I won’t bother with any link building or promotion at all. I will leave it to sit whilst I concentrate on the PF Blog.
  • Create more content for the PF Blog so that I can schedule posts for days I can’t write.